Professional TV Wall Mounting Services in Nairobi Kenya!

ND Solutions offers comprehensive, professional and affordable TV wall mounting services in Nairobi Kenya and the surrounding suburbs. Our team also comprise of accredited DSTV installers who provide DSTV installation services in Nairobi Kenya. Our services highly customised to meet the client needs and cut across both commercial and residential settings. We are committed to provide installation services for any size of flat screen TV in walls. With our immense experience of wall mounting you can be assured that your TV will be secure, safe and drilled properly in the walls of your bedroom or living area.

TV Mounting Services in Nairobi Kenya

You don’t want your TV wobbling on a stand or just randomly slapped up on a wall. Your professional ND TV mounting services take the time to analyze your space and consult with you to find the perfect mounts and position for you to enjoy maximum viewing pleasure.

  • Free expert advice on how to best position your TV screen
  • Fitting all types of TVs, including plasma, LCD, HDTV and more
  • Safe and tidy cords and cables trunking/chasing
  • All work is carried out by experienced and insured tradesmen

TV Wall Mount Brackets and Prices in Kenya

The cost of TV wall mount brackets vary depending on the type of brackets, size of the brackets and the brand.

TV Wall Mounting Services in Nairobi Kenya

How do we do TV wall mounting ?

  1. We inspect every nook and corner of your room and walls before mounting TV. Once we are done with inspection, we take advice on TV location, height and wall mounting options from clients
  2. To connect with your AV sources, we take care of supply and connection of specialist cables to give you hassle free TV mounting experience
  3. We also provide option for re-plastering/painting of walls, if required
  4. In order to give you the finest sound quality, we connect and setup your new and existing Audio and Video devices to the TV other than speakers and home theater system as well
  5. We house the best TV mounting team in Nairobi Kenya. So, if you are in need of TV mounting services, then we are just a phone call away in giving you a better viewing experience of your favorite TV shows and movies.

Ways We Can Help You With All Your TV Wall Mounting Needs

  1. TV mounting. Whether you need your brand new flat screen TV mounted in your lounge, an innovative solution for your kitchen or bedroom or you are a business that needs several televisions wall mounted, we can help.
  2. Sound bar installation. We’ll come to your home or business and establish the optimum place for your speakers to be positioned. We’ll then install your sound bar or speakers, hide all the wires and cables and connect your TV and sound system to make sure you get the very best quality audio.
  3. TV installation.  If you have a new TV and you need an expert to come and install it for you, we’re here to help. We’ll make sure you get the very best picture, deal with all the cables and wires and make sure your DVD or Blu-ray player, games console and digital TV system is fully connected.

DSTV Installations Services in Nairobi Kenya

Our DSTV installers are comprehensively selected and only those who meet our high standards are brought on board. We are so confident in the quality of our work we do, we provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

We provide professional DSTV installations and have large teams of best DSTV technicians covering all areas. Our DSTV installers are comprehensively selected and only those who meet our high standards are brought on board. We are so confident in the quality of our work we do, we provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
Our team of expert technicians are available 24 Hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year to attend to ALL of your DSTV installations requirements promptly and competently!
Our DSTV installations are same day, Our services range from a variety of installations, Triple / extra viewpoints, TV mountings, explore installations, dish alignments and solving DSTV e48-32 as well as waiting for communication error.

We offer communal DSTV dish installations and customer care support for all DSTV subscribers leaving in complexes and for building contractors. We provide vast experience and knowledge to our DSTV technicians so that they can provide you the best DSTV services around. We deal in all aspects of DSTV installation services like Satellite, HD PVR, Single view, Extra view, LNB replacement and also DSTV repairs and maintenance. The above are all very important aspects of a DSTV services depending on your package and needs. All our team members are accredited DSTV installers thus we guarantee quality services at an affordable cost.

Our Satellite dish installers are skilled at selecting, fitting and moving dishes, arranging decoder upgrades, fine tuning for the best reception and correcting faulty signal.

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What our clients says?

Excellent and professional work. Delivered beyond my expectations. Keep it up guys. I will recommend you. Best TV Mounting Services In Nairobi Kenya

Saib Mohamed

Had these guys out last week,first time i have ever had TV on the wall and they didn't disappoint,straight in,,,no messing and they got the job done with zero mess,,,,couldn't recommend them enough,thanks guys

Kym Chris

Your dedication to deliver satisfactory services is commendable. When called to provide service you never fail to appear. The honest advice that you give on the electronic maintenance needs is valuable. I would recommend your services wherever i hear need. Keep up the good work.

Patrick Njenga

How much is TV Wall Mounting Services in Nairobi Kenya?

The cost will vary based on a number of factors but the most basic one are the size of the TV. Here is a our price list for TV wall Mounting Services:

Tilting/Fixed/Swivel TV Bracket (Install only) Price (KSH)
32 to 43 inches 1500
46 to 55 inches 2000
65 to 80 inches 3000


Fixed /Tilting TV Bracket (Install & Supply Price (KSH)
32 to 43 inches 3500
47 to 55 inches 4500
65 to 85 inches 7500


Double Arm Swivel Bracket [Heavy Duty] (Install & Supply) Price (KSH)
32 to 55 inches 6500
65 to 85 inches 12000


Ceiling TV Bracket (Install & Supply) Price (KSH)
32 to 43 inches 5000
47 to 55 inches 8000
65 to 85 12000

Frequently Asked Questions About TV Wall Mounting Services in Nairobi Kenya

Do I need to supply you with TV wall brackets?

Yes, you should. It would be best if you purchase the right model for your TV. Occasionally, we can provide the brackets for you if we know the exact make and model in order to avoid any complications. Keep in mind that their price will be added to your total TV wall installation cost.

Do I have to do anything prior to the TV mounting?

Please check if the TV (and its stand, if you have one) can easily fit inside the desired spot in your room. A few other pre-service requirements can include:

  • Checking if there are enough electrical sockets and if they are within reach;
  • Checking the type of wall where the TV will be mounted on;
  • Ensuring that you have all the accessories you need (cables, brackets etc.);
  • Having somebody else meet the professionals for you in case you are away.

Where should my TV be wall mounted?

If you’re unsure of where to place your TV, your television installer will gladly assist you with finding the optimal spot. There are 3 things to keep in mind here: the power outlet’s accessibility, the location of wall studs (used to properly support the weight) and the place where you want to sit while watching a movie. Also, a tilting or swivel TV mount may be just the thing you need if you want better control over adjusting the view.

Are my walls suitable for wall mounting a TV?

Robust walls made of brick or concrete are just fine for your TV installation service. However, walls made of plasterboard or lath are not optimal for a TV wall installation as they may not be able to carry the weight. That is why we will always inspect your walls first before performing the service. If you have plasterboard walls, the expert can reinforce them with wooden panels before mounting the TV on top.

Can you mount different types of brackets on my wall?

Just say the word and the experts will arrive with the right tools to mount your TV and safely conceal any stray wires to ensure your hazard-free, thriller-packed evening. The diligent specialists can install products by virtually any wall bracket manufacturer, namely: Sansum, Omnimount, Duronic, Vogel’s, Ultimate mounts, Ross, VonHaus, Peerless, AVF, One for all, Proper, Sandstorm, Lumi, Meos and many more.

Can you hide the cables?

Yes, absolutely. If you want to hide the cables in a brick wall or plasterboard, then we can chase them into the wall. Cable concealing is another way to get a tidy look. By installing plastic trunking, the specialists can hide the wires so they will be protected.

Will you bring your own tools and equipment?

All our specialists will bring a range of tools, including:

  • Files and screwdrivers.
  • Drills and sealant guns.
  • Fixtures and fittings.
  • Level.
  • Raw plugs and dust sheets.
  • Cable clips and sleeves.

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